Michigan CPL Classes and Advanced Defensive Shooting

Michigan Concealed Carry License (CPL/CCW)…Why get one?


Because Law Enforcement Is Spread Paper Thin!!

This is the number one on the list of reasons.  Given massive law enforcement attrition through retirement and budget cuts, we simply can’t expect absolute protection from those who bravely serve us. The fact is, there are fewer cops to keep us safe…even in an emergency situation. This is not a hidden secret in our larger counties, here in Michigan. And in our rural counties, it takes additional time to respond with the added distance.

“Police Protection” in most cases is a contradiction in terms. Police rarely stop crimes from taking place.  Rather, they spend most of their time investigating offenses after the damage is done, AFTER innocent victims have been robbed, car-jacked, kidnapped, assaulted, raped, or murdered.  The solution…SELF PROTECTION!!


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